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Relax or work in a pleasant environment, and we will take care of your comfort

Enjoy the art of hookah for 25€

We are innovative

Despite the reduced price of 25 euro for a hookah, we are still making sure you getting the quality you are craving for.

We are innovative

How we elevate the game

From our finest tobacco mixes to premium equipment, we’re elevating Estonian hookah culture to the next level.

How we elevate the game

We love to amaze you

We are as ready to help you find the perfect flavour to suit your mood as we are passionate about our craft.

We love to amaze you

Brands we work with:

Enjoy your smoking experience with our wide variety of premium tobacco collections that suits every palate.

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And with our expertly custom designed hookahs we make sure that flavor and strength last throughout 90 minutes.

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About Clouder Club

Clouder Club is a combination of high standards of service, aesthetics, and customer care.

Our main mission is to bring people pleasant emotions.

View from the top of purple hookah bowl with wine grapes flavour

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